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Welcome to The Eagle Amsterdam homepage.

darkroomEagle is the oldest and most famous casual and leather-denim bar, cruisy and strictly men only. Sited at Warmoestraat 90, in the Castro of Amsterdam, The Eagle Amsterdam is the most visited men’s bar in town and the most famous gay venue of Amsterdam. Although this area is traditionally associated with leather-and-denim, the Eagle attracts all types of gays. Men love to come to this place because of the fun options it provides.

The location consists of three floors: the bar is on the ground floor, in the basement there is a communal cruising area to try out all your sex position.



Darkrooms in the basement allow you to have paramount enjoyment. Equipped with dance floor with hardcore house music, alongside amazing laser lights for the circuit boys. There is a lounge as well a smoking lounge where one can sit and have a chat.The club opens daily at 10 pm and closes at 04 am from Sunday to Thursday, but on weekends (Fridays & Saturdays) the club closes at 05 am. Gets crowded during weekdays and extremely crowded during the weekends, expect to queue on those days.



huisEagle housed in Amsterdam’s oldest building. This discovery was made during an inspection at the repair work following a fire in 2010.

According to a specialised laboratory in Berlin, the sample of the house’s wooden skeleton dates back to 1470. This makes it 60 years older than the next oldest house.

see also many websites, english version; http://www.dutchamsterdam.nl

Dutch radio: http://sportzomer.radio1.nl

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Amsterdam Fetish Pride 2014

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